Walkthrough: Part One – DBZ: Legacy of Goku II Guide

Walkthrough: Part One – DBZ: Legacy of Goku II Guide

DBZ: Legacy of Goku II at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Let’s Play DBZ Legacy of Goku II Part 1

A new adventure for the channel. This is a walk down memory lane as I playthrough my childhood in the form of gameboy video game.The story of DBZ a story I know very well.

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#1 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II [GBA] [Walkthrough]

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DBZ: The Legacy of Goku 2 HD – All Chapters / No Filler – Full Playthrough

My favourite DBZ handheld game played on an GBA emulator in full HD! I cut out filler content like grinding etc for a more enjoyable experience, please enjoy!

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[TAS] Dragon Ball Z: the Legacy of Goku 2 in 1:27:25.35

Authors: Amphorce & Bonecrusher1022
Frame count: 314721
Rerecord count: 36766 (not accurate due to TASing different strategies at various places throughout the run)
RTA Timing: 1:20:41.73
Emulator used: VBA-rr v23.6 svn480
Q: Why run the English version over the Japanese version?
A: We didn’t think about it before starting this run. By the time we realized that we picked the slower (but not the slowest) version, we were already past the Triceratops King and didn’t want to start over. So this was originally a test run due to that reason.

Q: Why VBA instead of Bizhawk?
A: Same as above, we didn’t really think about it and just used the emulator that we had. We actually didn’t even know Bizhawk had GBA support when we started.

Q: Why is (insert character name here) twitching before throwing a punch?
A: RNG manipulation. The RNG doesn’t change in this game unless something uses it. For whatever reason, going from a walk/run animation to a standstill animation advances the RNG what we assume to be one place. So that twitching you see is just us repeatedly starting a walk/run for 1 frame and then canceling it the next frame. By adjusting the RNG, it is possible to get critical hits more frequently and to get better enemy positioning after hitting them. It affects damage as well, but manipulating damage rolls generally isn’t important to do.

Q: So RNG only influences combat? what does RNG even stand for anyway?
A: Not exactly though it is the main thing RNG controls in this game. There is other things such as avoiding enemy attacks, stat manipulations for starting stats and level ups, NPC/enemy movement are some example. RNG stands for random number generation. We did learn the formula for it (http://pastebin.com/nh6Ms0xy) but still didn’t really understand it exactly so it was all brute forced. You can read more about RNG/Luck Manipulation on TASVideos. http://tasvideos.org/LuckManipulation.html

Q: Speaking of TASVideos you should submit this there. The run is really good 😀
A: Amphorce doesn’t want to because of a couple of easily avoidable mistakes that happened before Vegeta becoming playable. More optimizations were found after the run was finished as well that slightly change the route and some grinding decisions. Expect an improved TAS eventually but I have no idea when that will be as of now.

Special thanks to Amphorce for uploading this for me cause my internet sucks and Mugg1991 for encoding it.

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