Only You – Far Cry 5 Guide

Only You – Far Cry 5 Guide

This page takes you through how to get through the final encounter with Jacob

Far Cry 5 Only You Mission Cull The Herd Jacob Seed Kill Eli St Francis Veterans Center Centre

This video shows the shooting gallery section of the game after the hunting party is sent by Jacob to collect you, The first section you have to run through at least 3 or maybe 4 times during the game when you are in Jacob Seed’s area,

Far Cry 5 **SPOILER ALERT, This footage was captured by me from in game if you don’t want to see a interesting cutscene i found please don’t watch this video,

You have been warned,

A few tips that might help,

I must of played this mission through 80 times,

You will need to do this part i think 3 times in total as you play through the game,

Don’t waste time killing everyone,

You need to kill enough to give you enough time to get to the next checkpoint,

Always swap guns on the way into a new area,

Watch my video carefully i go a different route in 2 areas and this saves vital seconds,

It also lines up the enemies better,

Always watch the clock and if you have enough time move to the next area,

The last room with the stairs before you go down the tunnel,

Go the right side and climb up so you don’t have to go around and over the gaps,

Engage run as many times as you can, It isn’t easy.

The next video i am doing is killing Jacob Seed and the following cutscene where you unlock Jacob’s Rifle,

I found the way i did it was the fastest of about 80 run throughs, this is why i changed the route i took to give me more time, during the downhil corridor i had 30 to 35 seconds on the clock and that never happened any other playthrough than this,

Befor you mention you missed some people i know i did i found it’s easy to get turned around especially the first part with the shotgun so it lets you leave people in each area just kill enough to get your timer up so you can move to the next area,

You do get shot by the enemies you leave but you should be OK, but if you are reloading just leave them and run to the next section to save time,

I used short cuts as well to save time as you don’t have long to take out each area,

I have also found that after running down the steep corridor it gets a little easier so slow down a bit and take your time,

This is the last one of these “Only You mission” shooting gallery when it jumps to Eli Parmer the leader of the Whitetails resistance group, it cuts to Eli Palmer in his bunker with a bow,

I did try not killing him but the timer runs out so you have no choice unless there is a glitch, but it seems like you have to kill him as it just loads this section again back at the start,

Link to my playlist for Far Cry 5 videos, &list=PLkpOzTT8Ie2unoc6KvCBhKaoFot_VYGpW

I am humbled that you have taken the time to watch my videos,

It is much appreciated.

How Jacob Seed Brainwashed You in Far Cry 5 | Game Level Analysis

‘Only You’ is one ingenious and moving work of level design. The experience absolutely awestruck me. This video is an in-depth analysis of the level and the Far Cry 5 plot that managed to carry out the experience.

00:18 Introduction
02:51 Plot Buildup
07:24 Meeting Jacob Seed
08:25 First Interaction with Jacob
12:23 Second Interaction with Jacob
15:02 Third Interaction with Jacob
18:26 Fourth Interaction with Jacob
21:57 Repetitive Gameplay & Jacob’s Commentary
22:38 Subliminal Messages in the Level

Written & Produced By:
Tushar Deb.

The Platters – Only You (And You Alone)
Far Cry 5 – OSTs

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Far Cry 5 PC (Hard) 100% Walkthrough 26 (Only You)

Far Cry 5 PC (Hard) PC/PS4/Xbox One 100% Walkthrough 26 (Only You) Full HD 1080p

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Far Cry 5 – Only You, Casualties of War Walkthrough [HD 1080P]

Only You, Casualties of War Walkthrough of Far Cry 5. Complete walkthrough:
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